أنا لست إرهابي

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    Hi jimmyjojo

    You can also say it without the (أنا) in which case it is not as emphatic.The second one mentioned by suma is doubly emphatic.


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    Thanks a lot folks.

    I've been told that there is an alternative appropriate for femaile speakers... can someone help me with that?


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    For females it's:

    أنا لست إرهابية

    or أنا لست بإرهابية

    but the first is the most common and most suitable.

    So the ones you want are:

    For men:أنا لست إرهابيا
    For women: أنا لست إرهابية


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    I was told by another reference to leave the last character off of the male version.

    Is this right? Or should I leave it on?



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    The last character is part of the inflection.

    If you want to be 100% correct, you should add it.

    But since inflections are usually dropped (in speech) from the last word in a sentence or utterance, you could drop it if you wanted to, to reflect the way the sentence would be read.

    The meaning is perfectly clear either way.
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