حب رمان


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I came across this phrase while reading (or maybe someone said it to me, I can't remember). It was said about two people, or two companies, that weren't very close: مش حب رمان مع بعض. I wanted to ask: first of all, is this a familiar phrase? If so, is it common?

What would be the best translation for it? (it sounds funny if you try to translate it literally). I'm also not sure how it is used: if it is said to describe long-term not-so-close relationship, or if it describes a distant relationship following a certain incident. Also, is it used as an understatement, in a cynical way?

Another thing: if it is familiar, is it usually used in the negation form, or can I say about two people that they were like two grains of a pomegranate?

Finally, if anyone can think of a nice translation in Hebrew as well, it would be most welcome, and also, is there any chance that this phrase is related to Hebrew "חברמן"?
Any reference at all would be gladly recieved.

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    Arabic (Egypt).

    What I can tell you is that it's not a very common metaphor/expression. As for the positive meaning, I guess it can be used as well: زي حب الرمان = they're close, مش زي حب الرمان = they're not close.
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