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Pajarito Pasajero

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So I looked up (or wanted to) طِباخة, but was redirected to the entry for طَبَّاخ on the assumption that I meant a female cook... according to Hans Wehr, طِباخة is one way of saying 'the art of cooking', 'cuisine'. That seems like a fairly basic / obvious omission? Or is HW wrong?
  • barkoosh

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    Thank you for reporting. طِباخة is an obsolete word. The WR Arabic-English dictionary is a basic dictionary that focuses on modern uses. The word "cuisine" is generally rendered مَطْبَخ, as in المطبخ الإيطالي or المطبخ اللبناني (it's probably a literal translation of the French "cuisine"). "Art of cooking" can simply be rendered فَنّ الطبخ.