مسجلة معدن الأصلي

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  1. anita86 New Member

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    Hello there,

    Thanks in advance for reading this post!

    I recently bought an arabic coffee jug. It's engraved and I would like to know if anyone could help or tell me what it says?

    Here are the pictures, hope it's visible enough.

    Thank you again! photo.jpg photo_2.jpg photo_1.jpg
  2. suma Senior Member

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    Too small for my eyes. But probably the craftman's seal.
  3. ahmedcowon Senior Member

    I can only recognize the word معدن which means "metal"
  4. scetis

    scetis Senior Member

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    Hey, it seems like there is the word واحد across the middle, where (what seems like) two swords seem to intersect. Below it you'll also see a number that looks like a 9 but it's probably a 6. That number is the size of the kanaka (the coffee 'pot')... I have two in my house right now both stamped in English. One is a 2 and the other is a 4... I've never heard of a 9 cupper but there might be!

    There also seems to be the word الممال (or something close to that) above the top but there is a small bump right after the second m (if it is indeed an m) but not dot above it...? Anyone else agree?

    The only other word that I seem to be able to pick something out is the one bottom right of the '9' ... it looks like it might be something like مسهلة or مسله... its hard to tell.

    I've also included the picture but 'tweaked' to help bring out the letters a bit more.

    Arabic Engravings on a Kanaka.jpg
  5. Bakr Senior Member

    It seems:

    photo 2 and photo 1

    مسجلة معدن الأصلي + الممتاز


    واجد الأصلي

    About the name of the manufacturer واجد
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  6. anita86 New Member

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    Thank you everyone! What does it mean?

    I love this "Kanaka" ( Thank you for telling me scetis!) I fell in love with it. I saw it in a charity shop for 1.50!

    I couldn't find any info anywhere it'll be interesting to see if it has a year. Does it?

    A x
  7. akhooha Senior Member

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  8. anita86 New Member

    Portuguese and English
    Oh Thats amazing info! Thank you everyone so much! :)

    I guess I have my answer! Now if I can help with any Portuguese just ask! ( ehehehe)

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