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    Does nervous mean angry in French? I know that منرفز means معصب which means angry. This confuses a lot of Lebanese people though because it makes them think that nervous in English means angry.
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    No, angry in French is furieux (m) furieuse (f) or fache'(e) or être en colère; nervous is close to french (nerveux/nerveuse). Not sure why they'd be confused though. And angry in lebanese is "z3lan/eh". From now, might I recommend asking similar questions in the French forum? You might get even more feedback. As a French and Lebanese speaker, this should suffice though.
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  3. be.010 Senior Member

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    منرفز in Syrian (and probably also in Lebanese) does not precisely mean معصب (angry), but rather "nervous" temporarily, i.e. currently not relaxed, stressed, easy to get angry or upset, nervous!:D
    Probably some people here mix it with just being angry, while it's obviously borrowed from English "nervous"...
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    In Syrian, would you say that someone is منرفز while waiting to find out how he did on an exam? Or right before an interview? In other words, do you use it as a synonym of متوتر (which is what "nervous" means)?
    In Palestinian Arabic, it definitely only means "angry" (معصب). It can never mean "nervous" (متوتر). While it is obviously a borrowing from English as you say, it has undergone a semantic shift as I said in the other thread.
  6. be.010 Senior Member

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    No, we wouldn't!:eek:
    Not either…:eek:
    Maybe, sometimes...
    OK, I agree. I asked some of my friends, and it sounds that منرفز is not always an equivalent of متوتر or nervous, but also not an equivalent of معصب
    For example, in Syrian, when someone hears some bad news and he doesn't know what he gotta do, or when he feels so exposed or… that anyone can easily make him angry, he is منرفز, not معصب! But when someone is angry with someone, he is معصب منه not منرفز منه. That's in Syrian. i.e. نرفزتني =~ هزيتلي بدني
    There is no doubt, of course, that متوتر is the best translation of nervous… And منرفز isn't a translation of it... This just clarifies that
  7. elroy

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    I'm not questioning your claim that منرفز and معصب are not perfect synonyms in Syrian; I'm just saying that منرفز does not mean "nervous."

    In Palestinian Arabic, the two words are more or less synonymous, which makes sense, as عصب is simply the Arabic word for "nerve." :)
    What do you mean by "feels so exposed"?
    In Palestinian Arabic, we definitely say منرفز منه, and we wouldn't say معصب منه but معصب عليه.
  8. be.010 Senior Member

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    Vulnerable or in danger, I am not sure if it works well here!:confused: Any correction is appreciated:)
  9. elroy

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    You could say "he feels vulnerable" or "he feels exposed to danger," or maybe "he feels threatened."

    "He feels exposed" usually means that he ... ahem ... doesn't have much on. ;)
  10. be.010 Senior Member

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    Uh, well... Got it... Thanks!:eek::D

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