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  1. Hakkar Senior Member

    The Boot
    Hello everyone

    I don't know anything about arabic but I came across this word on a web page and I am just curious to know what it means. Is it something like "lol"? Is it a made-up word?

    Thanks in advance

    Edit: by the way, I looked it up on google and I found many results, so i think it should be something common.
  2. Foygl Member

    It says "hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha," so something obviously must be funny.
  3. Hakkar Senior Member

    The Boot
    is it the same as saying "lol"? that's to say does the word convey the same ironic meaning of lol in the arabic culture? is it as common? Perhaps, other words are used instead. Could anyone tell me about it?
  4. Foygl Member

    هه means what I stated before, haha, and carries the same meaning as in English, or in any other language. Some Arabic-speakers have taken the acronym lol into use online as well, although with a slightly different pronunciation, لول. It is used like the English equivelant, although it no longer carries the literal meaning, laughing out loud. Many languages have taken lol into use, even though it has no meaning in the language it is taken into use in. Other languages however, have chosen to make their own acronyms, mostly with slightly different meanings, like in your native language, Italian, where rm at times is used (ridere molto) and French mdr (mort de rire), Japanese (warau) and Hungarian hfn (hangosan felnevet).
  5. Qittat Ulthar Senior Member

    London, England
    Dutch (Netherlands)
    Funnily enough, in Dutch the word "lol" means "fun". It took me a while to realise it was an acronym for "laughing out loud".
  6. clevermizo Senior Member

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    English (USA), Spanish

    "Lol" has an inherently ironic meaning?:confused::confused::confused:
  7. eric489 Senior Member

    Same here in Belgium, where many Dutch speakers claimed ( some still claim) the Dutchness of "Lol".

    Altought, it's the English language, used globally on the net which conveyd lol onto computer screens around the world.

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