– Jack? ___ Sir.

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    I suppose we must take the context, that it is a teacher taking a record of attendance in class, from the answers, otherwise the answer to "Jack?" could be anything.

    A. is the most formal, but the most usual - in my experience - would be C. D. would also be acceptable ("Yes, Sir [I am here]").

    This exercise would be better if we were asked to say which one was not acceptable, which is B. B. would be the answer to the question "Which one of you is Jack?"


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    This exchange is so very old!
    Without context I can't tell which single answer is correct.
    Jack? Present, Sir.
    Correct if the first speaker is callling the roll in a classroom, perhaps.

    Jack? Here, Sir.
    Correct if the first speaker is calling out to find out where Jack is - or as a more casual form of the first.

    Jack? Yes, Sir.
    Correct if the first speaker is calling for Jack's attention before giving him some kind of instruction or asking him a question.

    Jack? I am, Sir.
    A very unlikely exchange unless Jack feels like playing the smart guy.


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    – Jack?

    -- ____.

    A. Present, Sir.

    B. I am, Sir

    C. Here, Sir

    D. Yes, Sir.

    The answer is A, but I think it should be D. Am I right?

    Thanks in advance.

    The word "sir" should not be written with a capital letter here. It would be written with a capital only if it was used as a title preceding a name:

    "Yes, sir."

    "Yes, Sir John."
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