‘T is a month before the month of May ...


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What does " 'T " mean in the poem Christabel by Samuel Taylor Coleridge ?

‘T is a month before the month of May,
And the Spring comes slowly up this way.
The lovely lady, Christabel,
Whom her father loves so well,
What makes her in the wood so late,
A furlong from the castle gate?
She had dreams all yesternight
Of her own betrothed knight;
And she in the midnight wood will pray
For the weal of her lover that’s far away.

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    'T = It
    It is a month before the month of May ...

    This is a poetic device to reduce the number of syllables in the line:)

    It would often be written as 'Tis a month ...

    Edit: I just looked via Google, and found that this should, indeed, be 'Tis, short for It is.