‘There was never a single bat of the eyelid that was affectation.'


Chinese - Taiwan
It is quoted from a article about cellist Du Pre
"he and others close to her are adamant that any movement on stage was entirely natural and akin to the music. As Nupen insists, ‘There was never a single bat of the eyelid that was affectation.’ Half a decade on, and the films of du Pré seem to reflect a joy of music-making rather than anything else.

People said "not bat an eyelid" means no one would take notice or care.
But here I don't understand why it connected with affectation.
Does it mean even a blink was affectation?

Thanks a lot.
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    It means that all her movements were perfectly natural. There was not a single movement or gesture of hers, even one as minor as a bat of an eyelid, that was affected (or artificial or for effect).

    Edit: To not bat an eyelid does mean not to show any reaction but the phrase isn't used in that meaning here.
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