‘You say what you are - You are what you say’


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Good evening folks,

I am trying to translate (for a book on a psychology/sociology theme) the following phrase to French:

‘You say what you are - You are what you say’

I know it literally translates to "Vous dites ce que vous êtes - Vous êtes ce que vous dites" but in French, it loses that punch it has in English. So I was trying to go for something more in the line of "Nous sommes nos paroles et inversement" or "Nos paroles/dires nous révèlent".

Can you help, suggest, inspire? :)

Thank you!

Bonne journee!
  • B.P.O.

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    What about "Parle moi, et je te dirai qui tu es."

    (based on the well-known "Dis-moi ce que tu manges, je te dirai qui tu es")


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    Well, literally-speaking, it would be "On dit ce qu'on est - on est ce qu'on dit."

    You could say "Nos dires de nous nous dirent," I suppose.
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