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I would be very grateful if you could help me with this sentence.I have some difficulty understanding this sentence (short story from Saki, "THE HOUNDS OF FATE")

“‘Tis old Bowker’s pup,” explained the old man, whom the hard- faced maid had addressed as George. “She was main fond of you; never seemed the same after you went away to Australee. She died ’bout a year agone. ‘Tis her pup.”

What does "’bout" mean?
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    It is the shortened form of "about" and it represents the way that the word is spoken in some English accents. In this case, about = approximately.

    Note also that the man obviously has an (now old-fashioned) rural accent, as he says "main fond" - very fond, "Australee" - Australia, and "agone" - ago.
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