“.. too slowly for Maya's liking”

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“... the most important thing we could do, according to Maya, was to go to factories and stir up rebellious action against capitalist-roaders. Upheaval was invading industry too slowly for Maya’s liking”

So, does Maya want this upheaval slowly as she wishes or she doesn’t like this slow going?…

  • GenJen54

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    In American English, at least, we often us "not to one's liking" to describe a distaste for something.

    "That soup's really not to my liking. It's too salty."
    "That dress is definitely not to her liking. My mom prefers a more tailored look."

    It's really a stylistic choice with regard to the language. I don't know if I could reasonably argue that it is more formal, so much as it is in used by individuals who happen to have a liking for it. ;)
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