“agree that“ “agree on” or “agree to do” here?


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1.”We agreed (that) we should only stay at the hotel for one night.”
Makes sense and has “agree’s” “decide on something” meaning.
2.”We agreed on only staying at the hotel for one night.”
In my opinion has the same meaning as sentence one but maybe there is a difference.
3.We agreed to stay at the hotel for one night only.”
I think this means that someone else made the suggestion and that we agreed to it whereas in 1. and 2. the people reached an agreement among themselves. Maybe this assumption is misguided but I do think that 3 is different from 1 and 2.
Is there a difference between sentence 1 and 2? Which should I pick to mean multiple people deciding on what to do?
  • Keith Bradford

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    English (Midlands UK)
    All three have identical meanings, in the absence of other information.

    The choice between them is stylistic only, and all being equal I would choose the simplest: We agreed to stay...
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