“Best of the Road" introduces <faces> and places


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“Best of the Road ” feature (a section of a road atlas) introduces faces and places that will make each getaway more than memorable.

I think "faces" here refers to "famous people in the local places", but my friend doesn't think so. Waiting for your help. Thank you!
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    They might not be famous, but they would be local people or "personalities", maybe characters from that part of the country or region. I'm not sure if that's what your friend meant, but if so, I agree that I'd expect the same thing from "faces and places."


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    Faces means the local people and the way they talk, dress and think. They way they "look." What makes them unique and connected to the lifestyle of the locale you're visiting.

    It doesn't mean only famous people at all, I don't think.

    Not unless your specific brochure is written and promoted as only highlighting those places where entertainers live or perform.

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