“flag” the data with qualifiers

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Outreach workers trained in data validation and deployed as part of “Outreach Worker” program may be utilized to assist in reviewing the information in the field, to “flag” the data with qualifiers when criteria are not met, and to prepare the data validation report.
What is meant by "flag" here?
Source: JO WB National Registry and Outreach Program PAD - World Bank
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    From the Word Reference dictionary on "flag":
    to mark (a page, file, card, etc.) for attention, as by attaching protruding tabs: I flagged the section of the paper I thought you should read.


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    to “flag” the data with qualifiers when criteria are not met
    As above, mark an item for special attention. And add a "qualifier" (a comment) explaining that "some critera are not met".

    For example:

    Item 100 is a survey. The rules on this project are that a survey must sample 2,000 or more people to be valid.
    Item 100 is a survey of 900 people. What should we do? Delete its file?

    No, its file will not be deleted. Its file will be flagged (marked) to show that it is unusual.
    In addition a qualifier (a label) will be put on the file saying "too small a sample".
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