“Hump!” thought Scarlett

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Lee Jongho

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What does “Hump!” mean?

The complete sentences follow:
He flushed and grinned embarrassedly and in general looked like a shy and sheepish boy. “Well, I – I didn’t know if she’d have me. I’m so much older than she is and – there were so many goodlooking young bucks hanging around Tara–” “Hump!” thought Scarlett, “they were hanging around me, not her!”

The source is from Gone with the Wind by Magaret Mitchell.
  • GreenWhiteBlue

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    USA - English
    I would have written it as "Humph" or "Humf!" It is onomatopoeia, and represents a snort of derision. It is similar to "Harrumph", although that would indicate disapproval.

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