“loaves and fishes” mentality


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Hello, my friends,

This sentence is from a book taking about how to live a simple life:

"Even in the hard times there’s enough to share when you have a “loaves and fishes” mentality. Hard work counts, but time for those you love is the real business of life."

I have a problem in understanding “loaves and fishes” mentality. It is difficult for me to find the cause and effect. And the second sentence is also a little bit unclear to me. Thank you!
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    A “loaves and fishes” mentality - this term comes from a story in the Christian Bible, Sun. If you have a "loaves and fishes mentality", you are generous and willing to share.

    A person with a "loaves and fishes mentality" is willing to share with others even when that person does not have much to share.
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