“Please tell me why you did call her?”

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Hi. I have a question.

I meant to say “please tell me why you called her”.

However, by mistake I said “please tell me why you did call her”

I think the second one makes sense, too.
Am I wrong?

Thank you, in advance.
  • velisarius

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    It depends what went before.

    - I didn't call her just to ask how she was.
    - Please tell me why you did call her.
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    This only works if it's the 'do' of emphasis, as in Velisarius' example. Without context it immediately sounds non-native because the emphasising 'do' is fairly uncommon here and non-natives often use the 'do' used in questions in clauses like this, but with context it is correct.

    It cannot be used interchangeably with 'please tell me why you called her'. It only works if you're emphatically contrasting your statement with something else.
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