“pull God over to his side”?


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Hi all! What does the pink part mean?

"Job doesn't pull God over to his side. He doesn't pray his way through to some self-chosen goal. He doesn't force God into his own pocket." (From The Color of the Night: Reflections on Suffering and the Book of Job)
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    One of the difficulties with English is the use of phrasal verbs - "pull over" is a phrasal verb which has a specific meaning in relation to driving. The problem is that the preposition "over" can still be used with the verb "pull" without forming the phrasal verb "pull over". The usage here is not the phrasal verb "pull over", but the verb "pull" in conjunction with the preposition "over". Unfortunately for learners, there is no rule or guideline we can give you to help you recognise whether any particular sentence is using a phrasal verb or not.
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