“Put the setting” or “set the setting”


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Hi all,

Which verb do you use with “setting(s)”, as in:

You must set/put the setting at ‘Yes’.

Put the setting “Use API” to ‘Yes’.

The setting “Use API” should be set to ’Yes’.

Also, clearly, I’m not sure which preposition to use: to or at? It’s for an instructional guide, if that’s any help.

How would you guys phrase this?

Thanks in advance!
  • suzi br

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    I would avoid using set and setting in the same sentence, so I think using PUT has merit. Or change what you call the setting to another word, e.g. button, or whatever works in the specific context.

    In general we set or put TO with dials and buttons.

    We set or put ON when we place one thing on top of another.


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    Is this a physical button/dial, or one on a computer screen?

    You must put the setting to ‘Yes’.
    You must turn/switch the setting to ‘Yes’.
    The setting for “Use API” should be ’Yes’.
    You must have the setting at ‘Yes’.
    You should ensure that the setting is at "Yes."


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    It's on a computer screen. Nice, useful examples, PaulQ. I'll use some of them.

    You're right, suzi br, set and setting in the same sentence is somewhat off-putting. Not sure which word to use instead of 'setting' - since it's on a screen, 'button' would be misleading, I think.

    Thanks a bunch!
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