“scratch” beading”

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In a more formal vein, tailored jackets are elevated with floral jacquard or a dégradé of electric blue “scratch” beading”, while a white dinner jacket features a contrasting central column and lapel, and a white stripe runs down black tuxedo trousers.

What does " “scratch” beading” mean please? (Givenchy)

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    The only identification of "scratch beading" that I can find on the internet has to do with woodworking.

    Our dictionary defines beading in relation to furniture and architecture as 'a bead molding' -- a narrow curved molding. In woodworking the effect of a curved molding along the edge of a piece of furniture is sometimes produced by digging a groove (or 'scratch') parallel to the edge of the furniture. This is called 'scratch beading'.

    It is possible that they are talking about a similar effect created by blue stitching that makes a deeper line in the cloth.

    (1) I am not a woodworker, and my description of 'bead molding' on furniture may not be accurate.
    (2) I don't know what the French word 'dégradé' means in this context.
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