“somewhere” at the beginning of a sentence


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Hi everyone
1.somewhere we have failed
2.somewhere I belong
Are they both correct? What 's the difference if I put somewhere at the end?-----we have failed somewhere, I belong somewhere
  • jmichaelm

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    These are acceptable but seem stiff to me. Moving "somewhere" to the end feels more natural.

    Be sure you capitalize the first letter at the start of your sentence and end with a period.


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    One needs context to determine whether "Somewhere we have failed" and "Somewhere I belong" are complete, acceptable sentences. In isolation, they read as fragments to me, so it's hard to say whether they are "correct." By contrast, the second pair of sentences you give stand alone better as independent sentences, but as jmichaelm has pointed out, you don't have the proper punctuation to indicate that.
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