“To Prefer Something Over Something” Or “To Prefer Something To Something”?


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1. Which syntax is more correct down below:

to prefer something over something else


to prefer something to something else


maybe both are correct?

2. I give a list of verbs below. Please tell me when to use "to" and when to use "over" with verbs to distinguish things.

a. Choose

b. Pick

c. Select

d. Take

e. prefer

f. like
  • AidaGlass

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    'To prefer something over something else' does not work. You need to use the preposition 'to' here. (Ref: Cambridge and Longman dictionaries say so).


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    Without a complete sentence, it's hard to say for sure, but I think 'prefer A to B' is the most natural.

    Apart from e, (which I've just commented on), I don't think any of these verbs are likely to go with 'to', and only a, b, and c might possibly use 'over'. But again, without complete sentences, and some context, it's hard to say.

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