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Hello all!

I’m wondering if there is any equivalent or similar idiom in Turkish, to the English phrase “let’s shelf that”— as in, let’s put that on the shelf for now and deal with it later, when speaking about a certain question or issue or challenge. I feel like Turkish must have some beautiful phrase for that sense or something similar- or even an idiom indicating just that the time is not right to deal with a certain thing, or seeing the wisdom in postponing something? I’d Love to know what comes to mind for you all!
Cok tesekkerler arkadesler!
  • Torontal

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    bir kenara atmak, bir kenara koymak or bir kenara bırakmak -to set aside (lit. throw, put or leave aside)
    ertelemek- to postpone
    sonraya bırakmak- to postpone (lit. leave it for later)
    tehir etmek- to defer, postpone (this is more archaic, Arabic origin)

    These came to my mind, bu lets wait for a native speaker. :)


    There is an exact equivalent of "to shelve something" (to put something on the shelf) in Turkish in this sense:

    Rafa kaldırmak

    I think this will serve your purpose.
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