“Why didn’t you ... ?” – <"I did / Yes. It was true".>


“Why didn’t you pay the telephone bill?” – “_______.”
A. Yes. It was true B. Thank you for all that
C. Well, it’s too thick D. I did
I think the answer is D, but it's A. why?
  • mehdi_salehi_30

    hello tmnt_53 :

    its very clear question .
    your answer can be (yes) if the person asking you question , starts asking by the words (Do you) or (are you) .
    But the question has started with (Wh) . If your question starts with (wh) , then your answer can not be (yes or no) , because it asks you for some information not for saying (yes or no).
    i hope it will be helpful to you .
    good luck.


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    Is there more context? Is this from a textbook or exercise book? If so, what is the topic? Naturally, I would agree with you and put down D as the answer, failing to see why A should be the correct answer, since neither A, B nor C actually match the interrogative 'why'.


    it's from an english test on the internet, which is to check students' ability for the coming university entrance exam. I think it has been checked by good teachers.


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    The "was" is also very odd. It was true that I paid the telephone bill but now it is false that I paid the telephone bill.

    "It was true" is also a strange answer to "why". I didn't paid the telephone bill because it was true. :confused: I only pay the telephone bill when it is full of lies. ;)

    I think C is a possibility. If the phone bill is thick, it must have a lot of charges on it. I didn't pay it because I don't have that much money.

    It's a bad question.


    Thanks for your reminding Enquiring Mind. In handwriting I never make such a mistake, but in typing I do. Maybe it's because of Shift.
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