”She was excited to wait for her birthday."



There was a girl. She was waiting for her birthday. Her heart was excited. (And she was enjoying the period of waiting.)
In this situation, which sentence would be most natural? I would like to set "her birthday" to the end of sentence, and emphasize the act "wait".

”She was excited to wait for her birthday."
”She was excited waiting for her birthday."
”She was waiting with excited heart for her birthday."

If there is more natural expression, please tell me it.

Thank you!

- I would appreciate your advise to my English expression. -
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  • Kunio

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    The third one is by far the least natural sounding. I believe a good word for "waiting with excited heart" would be "anticipation". I think the second of your choices sounds the best, but the most concise way to say it using my suggestion would be something like:

    "She was eagerly anticipating her birthday."
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