…and his shirt heaves, and his ears leak the mad and inconvenient dead.

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    Hi Alexander. I don't think it's fair on us for you to produce bits of Anne Enright without giving the full context.

    I'll do this one for you, but I think you need to present the others a little more. The point about this is that Brendan is obsessed with death and the dead and there is an elaborate image about how when he puts his clothes on they (the dead) stay with him under them, so that when, for instance, he goes for a pee and opens his fly, they pop out. I can see that this would be inconvenient, and this explains why his shirt is heaving, and they have even got into his ears which is why they are leaking.


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    I think the dead are inconvenient because they are rigid in other circumstances. Another reason: they are big and the ear-holes are small, so the corpses have to overcome resistance of flesh, bones etc. What do you say to this?
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