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  • Here are a few older threads on how to pay compliments in Romanian, endearment terms, etc. Please look here before asking new questions on these topics in the forum.

    Please note that some of them have been created by merging several threads, and as such not all of them are on the exact same topic. If you can't find what you're looking for, please do not add to those threads. Create a new one instead.

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    Here you will find a collection of resources for Romanian. You can contribute too, by posting your suggestions in the Romanian Resources Suggestions thread. Once approved by a moderator, they will be listed here.

    Many thanks to jazyk, jann, Mallarme, tristero, david_carmen, lucika, aurette, Arcy, nova_crin, parakseno, Trisia, Gévy, Old_Avatar, Audierunt, farscape, vincix and jimmyy!

    WordReference Dicţionar englez-român - English to Romanian, including many sample sentences
    dexonline - monolingual Romanian dictionary
    Dictionar roman englez - Romanian-English and English/Romanian dictionary, easy-access links to monolingual English and Romanian dictionaries
    Dictionar Roman Englez online - Dictionar roman englez si englez roman - Romanian-English dictionary (has some examples of word usage and collocations)
    Dictionar Englez Roman online - Dictionar roman englez si englez roman - English-Romanian dictionary (has some examples of word usage and collocations)
    Dicţionar Englez-Român | Dicţionar Român-Englez | hallo.ro - English-Romanian online dictionary
    Verbix -- Romance languages: conjugate Romanian verbs - Verb conjugator

    Dicționar Technic Englez-Român (pdf document): Dictionar-Tehnic-Englez-Roman
    Dicționar Technic Român-Englez - TechDico (on line): https://ro.techdico.com/

    The Idioms - "Largest idioms dictionary": https://www.theidioms.com/
    [Needs updating] - English-Romanian dictionary of equivalent proverbs

    Dictionar Juridic Roman - Dictio.ro - Romanian monolingual dictionary of legal terminology
    Dicţionar de termeni juridici / Romanian Legal Terms Dictionary (Dictionar juridic (dex))
    Compendiu de termeni juridici - A compendium of EU legal terms in Romanian, English, Spanish, French and Italian (SlideShare

    Dicţionar de termeni medicali / Romanian Medical Terms Dictionary
    Dicţionar medical / Romanian Medical Terms Dictionary
    Romanian Dental Dictionary - Romanian dental dictionary

    Citate şi expresii celebre / Faimous quotes and citations used in Romanian
    Proverbe românești / Romanian proverbs

    Gramatica Limbii Române / Romanian Language Grammar (on line version)
    Rumanian Language Descriptive Grammar TOC - grammar reference (incomplete)
    Romanian Grammar by Dana Cojocaru http://www.seelrc.org:8080/grammar/m...?nLanguageID=5 - downloadable grammar reference (PDF)
    Morfologia Limbii Române / Romanian Language Morphology
    Narcisa Forăscu (Universitatea Bucureşti): Dificultăţi ale gramaticii limbii române / N. Forăscu (Bucharest University): Difficult cases in Romanian language grammar (on-line ebook)
    Ghid practic al Departamentului de limba română din Direcția Generală Traduceri a Comisiei Europene (document pdf)
    Ghid de exprimare corectă / Speak and Write Proper Romanian (Grammar Guide) - from dexonline.ro

    Poezii Româneşti - Romanian Poetry - poetry
    Cercul Poeților Dispăruți / Poets' Circle (Romanian and International poetry)

    http://www.tvr.ro - Romanian National Television
    BBCRomanian.com | Arhivă | Romanian Archive index - BBC in Romanian
    RFI România: Actualitate, informaţii, ştiri în direct - Radio France International România
    România | DW - Deutsche Welle Romania
    e-ziare.ro - online Romanian newspapers covering almost entire course try and regions
    Ziare on line - online Romanian newspapers
    MyRadioOnline - Ascultă Radio Live - Radio Online

    Online Courses:
    Duolingo Learn Romanian - lessons with audio files
    Lessons: Romanian - English. Learn Romanian - Free Online Language Courses - Internet Polyglot - vocabulary lessons with audio content
    Home | Learn Romanian (free on-line basic course with audio pronunciation aids)

    Rodica Zafiu's column in Dilema Veche, Cuvinte Nepotrivite
    Diacritica's blog on Romanian language and everyday life (in Romanian): Limba română: terms of use
    elementele_componente_ale_scrisorii - Ghid pentru redactarea unei scrisori oficiale, de la Universitatea din București / Guidelines for drafting a formal letter in Romanian, from the University of Bucharest (in Romanian)
    International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) Charts | Paul Meier Dialect Services - Sounds of the International Phonetic Alphabet
    http://www.archeus.ro - linguistic resources for Romanian
    istorie-edu.ro / On-line Romanian and Universal History resource (in Romanian)
    DeepL Translate: The world's most accurate translator DeepL (deep learning based?) intelligent on-line translator
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