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3rd February 2011

Yeah, it's that time of year again.

Please remember that this thread is intended to provide a list (with explanations). Don't make lengthy discussions on one term. We can create separate threads (and link to them here).

Also, this thread is an exception. No lists anywhere else on the Romanian forum, please. ;)

Hello, everybody.

While we wait for Romanian Lovers' Day
(February 24), I thought maybe we could make a thread with endearments and lovey-dovey stuff, that we'll then add to our sticky. I'll be closing the thread after the 24th, so if anyone is interested add your awesome (and sappy :p) ideas now.

If we're willing to do this, we're going to have to do it the right way. As in, write down the term and its translation, explain its use, etc. You may comment on other people's posts, as long as it doesn't get overly complicated. We're after a comprehensive list.
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  • Trisia

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    translation: sweetheart
    [literal translation: little heart]


    M/F: gender doesn't matter
    in use: inimioara mea! = my sweetheart!



    translation: darling, precious
    [literal translation: expensive, precious]

    M: scumpul meu - my precious
    F: scumpa mea - my precious

    Alternative version: scumpete - both M and F



    translation: kitty, baby
    [literal translation: male kitten]

    usage: too many highschool girls use it to call their boyfriends. No longer cute when you're in your mid-twenties.


    mod-errare humanum est
    O idee grozavă, Trisia! Să sperăm ca engleza nu va fi singura limbă straină prezentă în acest lexicon al drăgălăşeniilor.


    translation: love
    [literal translation: love]

    M/F: Acesta-i inelul tău, iubire -This is your ring, love

    Alternative version: iubi - both M and F

    Mândru (frumos, drag, iubit)

    translation: beautiful, handsome, dear, beloved
    [literal translation: same as above; also proud, fulfilled, dignified]

    M: (when speaking to him) Mândrule - Hey handsome
    M: (when speaking of him) Mândrul meu - My love, my hon...
    F: (when speaking to her) Mândro - Hey beaut(iful)
    F: (when speaking of her) Mândra mea - My love, my beaut...

    Alternative version:

    Pui, Puică

    translation: similar to baby?
    [literal translation: chick

    M: Pui
    F: Puică

    Pisoi, Pusi(y)

    translation: kitty, pussy (non-slang!)
    [literal translation: kitten, pussycat

    F (only): Pisoi, Pusi(y)



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    translation: sweetie, darling
    [literal translation: little soul]


    M/F: gender doesn't matter
    in use: Ce mai faci, suflețel? (How are you, sweetie?)

    Note: romantic use a bit dated. Nowadays I hear it when adults speak to children.


    literal translation: little butterfly

    M/F: gender doesn't matter
    I thought it was dated (something used perhaps 20-30 years ago), but a 17 year-old confirmed that it's very much in use now.


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    drag (dear)

    to a Female: draga mea = my dear
    to a Male: dragul meu / dragule = my dear
    M/F: Dragă <nume> = dear <name> (works for letters, too)