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Hi all,

I’m reading on the history of Qing-era 宜蘭 (then known as 葛瑪蘭)and I came across this sentence:


I know that double brackets 《》are used for titles, but what do the single brackets 〈〉mean? And what do you call these symbols in Chinese?
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    double <== 書名號, chiefly for books.
    single .<== 篇名號, chiefly for articles.
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    Perhaps it's the way single brackets are used in Taiwai, but in mainland Chinese, it shall be double brackets.


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    Yes. OP's sentence uses Taiwanese punctuation.
    In Mainland China, 〈 〉also exists, but it is rarely used. It is for "titles in titles". E.g. 《读〈石钟山记〉有感》《论〈史记〉》
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