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    Is there a certain definition of 대 that is emphasized by the use of 對? Or is context still of primary importance? What does 對 mean in the title below?

    «미시마 유키오 對 동경대 전공투 1969~2000»
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    대(對) here means versus. The reason 대(對) or 對 alone used in some writings like your example is to be able to get rid of ambiguity by their readers. The use of 對 can help confine 대’s meaning in A 대 B to “versus”. Basically, 대 in A 대 B, 對, and 대(對) mean alike no matter where they are. Generally speaking, some people tend to place a Chinese word, even an English word right after a big or confusing Korean word to help their readers catch its meaning quickly.

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