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I recently learned the character 衢 from the city name 衢州 in 浙江 province. Is this character widely used outside of the city name?


EDIT: Thanks, Bragandbounce! I've corrected 山东 to 浙江。
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  • Would many people know how to pronounce it?
    衢州 is not a well-known city. Many people in China don't know it. I guess fewer people know 衢 if you separate it from 衢州. I am not even sure many Chinese teachers know this character.
    Thanks, Contraine! Would many people know how to pronounce it?
    衢 is a relatively uncommon Chinese character, and its pronunciation is not immediately obvious even to many native speakers. Still, a well-educated native speaker or someone familiar with classical literature or certain place names would likely recognize and know how to pronounce it.