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    Please take a look at this exchange

    person A: "창 밖에 꼭 누가 있는 것 같아서요"

    person B:"별... 신경 참 예민하셔"

    here's the question:

    The single 별 followed by the eclipses (...) - does it signify the abbreviation of 별것도 없어"?

    Is it common to drop the rest of the sentence and keeping a single 별 to express the same idea?
  2. Where was the conversation from? Person B should have said '아무 것도 없는데 왜? 신경 참 예민하셔' / '뭐 없는데'

    or it might be '별 (희한한 사람 다보겠네) 신경 참 예민하셔'.

    If he had meant to abbreviate 별것 없는데/별일 없는데, he should not have left 별 only.
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  4. I'm not sure but I think it would be '별 (시답지 않은 소리를 하고 있네) 신경 참 예민하셔'.

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