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(A Company)Flys Somebody to Someplace Economy Class

Discussion in 'English Only' started by timzhenyu, Jan 20, 2019.

  1. timzhenyu Senior Member

    "(A Company)Flys Somebody to Someplace Economy Class"
    [Topic sentence added to post. DonnyB - moderator]

    This sentence is from the Big Bang Theory and I am confused by the usage of "fly" here.
    According to my understanding, it means "this company pays for the flight ticket(economy class) for the people to fly to somewhere" but I am not sure, and I did not google this usage.
    Could anyone please help explain this to me?
    Thank you!
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  2. Barque Senior Member

    Yes, that is probably what it means. What's the context, just to make sure? It's possible for it to have a slightly different meaning but that would need a more specific context.

    By the way it's "flies", not "flys".
  3. dojibear

    dojibear Senior Member

    Fresno CA
    English - Northeast US
    Yes, you understand it.

    This is common in English. If there is an intransitive verb for "I do this myself", the same verb is often used as transitive verb meaning "I cause someone else to do this":

    I trip. Larry trips me.
    I fly to New York. My company flies me to New York.

    Edit: as post #2 points out, there may be small variations. Some phrases become standard for expressing one specific meaning.
  4. timzhenyu Senior Member

    Barque and dojibear, thank you very much!
    That's very very helpful!

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