0.1 gram or 0.1 grams.


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A friend of mine told me that in British English, it is 0.1 grams, while in American English it is either 0.1 gram or 0.1 grams. Is this true?

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    I can tell you about British English.

    0.1g can be pronounced in two ways

    (a) point one grams or
    (b) point one of a gram

    This may explain the presence or absence of the "s".

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    No and we've been here before

    Why should it be 0.5 grams?

    Moreover, you have provided no context and no complete sentence. We have no idea how you're using it.
    That thread from karen 123456 is only two years old. There is another one on the same issue from 4 years ago :eek:
    Both threads link to others on the topic where many people from both AmE and BrE agree on the plural after decimal values. Parla's comment on "point one gram" seems to be a minority view but fits with the question above that it is used by some AmE speakers.


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    My apology for repeated posts. But my friend confuses me by telling me that Americans say 0,1 grams. So he is wrong after all.

    Thanks for the confirmation.
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