1½ times the monthly amount

Santiago Jorge

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English, USA
I am having difficulties with translating this one into Spanish, would you please check it out? In addition to the phrase above, I am having trouble with "at any time," because, depending how you look at it, it could be translated either one of two ways: 1. "a la vez" or, 2. "nunca."

"Inmates may not have more than 1½ times the monthly amount of medications at any time."

Mi intento:
«Los reclusos no pueden tener más de 1½ veces la cantidad por mes de los medicamentos a la vez».
  • Mirlo

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    Castellano, Panamá/ English-USA
    Los reclusos no podrán tener más de 1 ½ (una y media) veces la cantidad mensual de medicamentos en cualquier momento.
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