1-3 January "is" or "are" the holiday in Japan?

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1-3 January "is" or "are" the holiday in Japan?

Should I use is or are?

If numbers are always considered singular, the answer is "is, right?


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    I have just noticed that you did provide a sentence, but it only appears in the title of this thread. I should have seen that, and I'm afraid this answer is too late to be useful to you.

    You wrote: 1-3 of January "is" or "are" the holiday in Japan.

    I would write it as follows, but others may prefer something different:

    From 1st to 3rd of January is a holiday in Japan.


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    I think it depends on whether you're thinking of them as days or as a period.

    I can say, for example, '1-3 January are public holidays in Japan' or '1-3 January is the New Year holiday period in Japan'.


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    Is it one single holiday that lasts three days, or is it two or three separate holidays that occur on consecutive days? One holiday is, two/three holidays are.
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