1.5 year(s?)

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    Yes. And if you speak it, you'd say "one and a half years", not "one and a half year". (But it could also be said as "a year and a half".)


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    Yes, 0.5 years - when you say it, you say, "nought point five years" or "zero point five years" (Isn't English wonderful! :D )


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    Surely the context is relevant here.

    In a scientific paper it would be not unusual to see "1.5 year" or "1.5 yr".

    For ordinary language, the expression "1.5 years" has a strange ring. "18 months" would be far more common.

    It can also be used as an adjectival phrase without "s", as in "1.5 year repayment term".


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    Hello guys,

    1 year is singular, hence it's "year", without "s" plural ending.

    1,5 years is more than one and it is countable, hence it is quite logical to make it plural by "s" ending.

    0,5 years is less than one. What is the logic to make it plural by adding "s" ending?

    Thank you very much.