1 798 000 millones de guaraníes de 2014


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1 798 000 millones de guaraníes de 2014

Hello, I need to translate this into English. I have read through the posts on this topic and just want to make sure I'm getting it right. This is a translation for an organization that uses the short scale and ISO currency codes. I would appreciate your assistance to confirm if the amount is translated correctly and any suggestions on the last part "de 2014". Thanks very much in advance.

My take is: PYG 1.798 billion, at the 2014 exchange rate

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  • If you are translating for the US or UK the figure would be 1.798 trillion (12 zeros).

    The reference to the 2014 exchange rate is also correct as there has not been any change in the currency in form of replacement or substitute. The guaraní of 2014 is the same as today‘s, except for the exchange rate. The project to introduce a revalued guarani as a replacement currency has been suspended.

    Everything Joe says is right. I just want to add that you need to remember that even though thousands and millions are the same in English and Spanish, in English (in general), 1 thousand million = 1 billion so as Joe points out, 1 billón is then one trillion in English.