1 ou 2 espaces après le point / 1 or 2 spaces after the period


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I've always use only 1 space after a dot but i can see sometimes 2 spaces. Are they both correct?

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    En français on a toujours utilisé une et une seule espace après le point, qu'il soit abréviatif ou final. (S'il existe des contre-exemples, il ne faut pas les imiter !)

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    That's not what I was taught! Two spaces after any punctuation mark that ends a sentence is, to my knowledge, still perfectly current and acceptable in the US. :)
    The usage seems to be different in the U.K. because it changed from double spaces to single spaces in the mid-20th century (see this Wiki).

    +++ EDIT #1 +++

    The latest edition of the Chicago Manual of Style—a wide-spread US style guide—states:
    6.11 Space between sentences.
    In typeset matter, one space, not two (in other words, a regular word space), follows any mark of punctuation that ends a sentence, whether a period, a colon, a question mark, an exclamation point, or closing quotation marks. […]
    The traditional American practice [is to double-space after colons and periods]. […] This practice is discouraged by the University of Chicago Press.
    +++ EDIT #2 +++

    According to this US site referenced in the Resources:
    With a computer, use only one space following periods, commas, semicolons, colons, exclamation points, question marks, and quotation marks. The space needed after these punctuation marks is proportioned automatically. With some typewriters and word processors, follow ending punctuation with two spaces when using a fixed-pitch font.
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