1. "The / the' development of ... [capitalize bullet points?]


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when numbering or bullets, should the first letter be a capital one or a lowercase one?

Thank you
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    If you are using PowerPoint and do not capitalize the first letter of a bullet point, the software will do it for you. I don't always agree with all the ways that Microsoft Office tries to take control away from the user, but in this case it's generally a good feature.

    (You can disable this feature completely via a preference setting, but doing so will also prevent PowerPoint from automatically capitalizing the first letter of a sentence if you forget to do that. You can also Undo the change as soon as it's made.)


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    As usual, it's back to context. It depends on what the heading of the bulleted list is. If it's a sentence that the bulleted items complete, for example, then you typically lowecase them:

    The three things you should watch out for are
    • lions.
    • tigers.
    • anteaters.
    Three things to watch out for:

    • Lions
    • Tigers
    • Anteaters
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