10% have taken to wintering in England vs 10% has taken to wintering in England


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Could you help me with question 39?
I've caught myself on the thing that I don't know for sure whether I have to use 'have' or 'has' after 10%.
Could you explain me the rule here?
Thank you very much!

"Evolution doesn’t have to take centuries. In the case of the Blackcap songbird, (38)________ decades were enough. The birds breed in the forests of southern Germany, and traditionally fly to Spain for the winter. Most still make the journey south, but since the 1960s, 10% (39)________ to wintering in England, where the colder climate is more than (40)________ by the food left out on bird tables - a postwar phenomenon."
39 have taken or has taken
P.S.: My guess is 'has taken'.
  • Uncle Jack

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    It is "have". This is talking about birds (plural) so any multiple or proportion of them is still plural.

    In a different situation, "one of them" is singular (whatever "them" might be). As a numerical quantity, a fraction less than one is usually singular and a fraction greater than one is plural:
    This cube has six sides.​
    Three of them are blue,​
    one of them is yellow,​
    one and a half of the sides are green and​
    the remaining half is red.​
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