1. Zingapuro

    Zingapuro Senior Member

    English & French - Canadian
    y'a t-il une abbréviation équivalente en français pour « pièce »?
    Ou toute autre manière de raccourcir:

    Ensemble de 10 pièces pour salle de classe

  2. pyan

    pyan Senior Member

    Vendée, France
    English, UK, London
    Hello Zingapuro,

    It depends on the product. You can use "item", which can be abbreviated to "I". It is often omitted so "pièce" would not need to be translated.

    "memory sticks - pack of 10"
    "pencils - wallet of 20"
    "document wallets (cardboard folders) - pack of 50"
    "transparent peel off paint. Set of 12: orange, yellow, cherry red [...]".

    These examples are from a current English catalogue. I hope they help.
  3. Zingapuro

    Zingapuro Senior Member

    English & French - Canadian
    Hi pyan,

    Thanks for answering. Reading your answer, and re-rereading my question, I realize I wasn't very clear at all about which language I needed!
    The source is English and states "10 pc Classroom Set"

    My question is how to write this in French, and whether it's possible to abbreviate "pièce" in the same way it's done in English.

  4. Guerric

    Guerric Senior Member

    Champagne - France
    French - France
    "10 pcs", ça reste compréhensible.
    Dans un contexte pro, on utilisera sans doute "10 u." pour unités ou "10 p." pour pièces.
    Si restriction d'espace, ensemble peut devenir lot.
  5. Zingapuro

    Zingapuro Senior Member

    English & French - Canadian
    Merci, c'est super, exactement ce que je voulais savoir!

    Bonne soirée.

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