10 (ten) students and three (3) teachers

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Elaine Koh

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Tim Kretschmer, 17, returned to his old school and, within minutes, left 10 students and three teachers dead.

What is the reason for writing 'ten' as '10' and '3' as 'three'? Is it correct to write ''3' instead of 'three'. Is there any rule for it?

  • GreenWhiteBlue

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    USA - English
    It is the practice of some writers to use numerals only for numbers greater than nine, while numbers less than ten are written out as words:
    It would thus be 13, or 127, or 26,554, but one, six, and eight.


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    This practice is particularly common in news writing. It's recommended by the AP Style Guide, for instance*.

    * Still, there are exceptions. According to the AP, numerals should always be used for units of measurement.
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