10-zone lighting system


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What does "10-zone lighting system" mean here, please:

1. A computer that its chassis is 10 times brighter than other laptops
2. A computer that its weight is 10 times lesser than other laptops

  • There's really only one word to describe the latest Alienware 17-inch gaming monster: impressive. This 9.4 pound gaming laptop is as (relatively) sleek as it is responsive with its anodized aluminum and magnesium alloy chassis and 10-zone lighting system. source: PCWorld.com

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    Neither of those is correct. This phrase refers to the lights (lamps) on the Alienware computer. There are separate lights in the keyboard, the touchpad, the case and so on. There are a total of ten areas (zones) whose lighting can be controlled separately - four of them in the keyboard, the other six in other places. There's even a separately controllable light under the Alienware logo on the lid.
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