100 from the jump


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Can anyone shortly explain what this expression means? It seems to be slang.

My context is a gang war (/retaliation kill):

If you would have kept it 100 from the jump, x... (Edit: deleted due to copyright)

I'm thinking, "from the jump" means "from the start", but is this 100 the same as !00% maybe? And if so... 100 per cent what?

Thank you...
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    Thank you for your answers. I try to include the context that is relevant without breaking my confidentiality agreement. You probably can get this piece of dialogue anywhere in the web easily, but it can't be from me, my apologies for that.

    And this was one of those cases where the bigger picture doesn't really help. But I figured it out. For those who might stumble upon this tread in the future, it was useful to break down the sentence as:

    -keep it 100: to stay true;to be real;straight up Urban Dictionary: 100
    -from the jump: "from the jump": from the (very) beginning as ain'ttranslationfun? explained above.

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