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    OK, here's what I need. Everybody learning Spanish learns hablar, comer, vivir, trabajar, recibir, llegar, llevar, meter.

    I would like a list of a hundred or two hundred verbs that everybody who speaks Spanish knows, that are completely regular.

    The point is that one spends more time studying the irregular verbs (which are the exceptions) than the regular verbs (which follow the rule).

    It's almost impossible to tell from a dictionary which words are the common ones (I once said espión for espía), and it's also very difficult to tell which verbs are the completely regular ones.

    I would include orthographic changing verbs, such as sacar or negar as regular.

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    Hi Joe,
    Since your inquiry is more grammar-oriented in its nature, I'm switching you over to that forum.

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    Hi Joe. You can find a list of regular verbs for everyday use (split into 3 sections: verbs ending in -AR, -ER and -IR) plus a master list and some other useful stuff on this site:
    rcaguilar com/spanish/verbs/listas/master-ir-regular.htm
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    Ese enlace no funciona. Pero esto sí funciona.

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    Gracias, Edwin.
    No pude publicar el vínculo de la página sin omitir el 'punto' (ya que soy aún "junior member").

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