100% smoke-free


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Is this a correct translation? I wanted to include 100%, but can't see how to include it in the translation.

Be sure to include a 100% Smoke-Free rule

Assurez-vous d'inclure une regle d'elimination de la fumee

Merci pour votre aide!
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    :) Welcome to the forum, cherrytutu.

    Is there any reason why '100 %' needs to be used? There are many words that carry the same implication.


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    Pardon my ignorance in not providing context:

    I am writing a pamphlet talking about second-hand smoke in student homes, and in the english version I say:
    "Be sure to include a 100% Smoke-Free rule"
    "Talk to your landlord about making a 100% Smoke-Free rule"

    I was hoping to keep the 100% Smoke-Free prominent in the text (bold and in colour) so the eye goes to it, and the message is communicated subtly that this is the only option 4 not being exposed to second-hand smoke.

    thanks so much :)
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