11.2013 310mAh UB2EAS [on a battery]


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I have bought a battery but on the box of the battery this is written: 11.2013 310mAh UB2EAS
I don't know it refers to production date or expiration.
It's an earphone battery: http://www.rayovac.eu/uk on the box this address is written too.
Any thought?

Thank you
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    Nov., 2013 - likely date of production
    310mAh - nominal power output (310 milliamperes/hour)
    UB2EAS - product model designation
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    One small correction: remove the s/
    310mAh is 310 milliampere-hours.

    It means it could deliver 310 mA for one hour, 155 mA for two hours, 31 mA for ten hours, and so on.

    310 milliamperes/hour means PER hour which would be a different meaning.
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