11 septiembre Cataluña

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  1. Irell Senior Member

    The Netherlands-Dutch
    Hola a todos!!!

    Is there a site where I can find why in Cataluña they celebrate that day? I have the text in Spanish but I think I don't understand because to me it seems that they are celebrating the day Barcelona was destroyed!!! That can't be true, is it? So I need it in English, please...

    Thanks a lot!!!
  2. diegodbs

    diegodbs Senior Member

    As far as I know, Barcelona has been never destroyed.
    El 11 de septiembre de 1714 las tropas de Felipe V entraron en la ciudad de Barcelona. Fue un episodio durante la Guerra de Sucesión en España, el útimo rey de la casa de Austria murió sin descendencia, y ocupó el trono de España el primer rey de la dinastía Borbón.
  3. Laia

    Laia Senior Member

    Catalan, Spanish

    Here you have an explanation in Catalan, Spanish, English and French.

    EDIT: I'm reading this website and has other information, so I'm going to quote what you exactly wanted to know:

  4. Irell Senior Member

    The Netherlands-Dutch
    Un beso grande para los dos!!!
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